Read Faster, Read Smarter

Who is it for?

Those who dont have time to wade through long documents, articles or reports, and who want to save time by finding the information they need fast.

What is it about?

Smart reading is about knowing how to adapt your technique to suit the reading materials and purpose of the task. You will find you can save significant business time by learning how to get to the information you need promptly and with ease. You'll be amazed by the improvements you see with our pre and post course assessment.

What do I get out of it?

  • Practical techniques to improve comprehension and retention
  • The ability to get through your paperwork faster and smarter, without cluttering up your desk or your mind with the unnecessary
  • Significant time savings, so you can concentrate on other tasks
Course Overview:
  • Benchmark your current reading speed and comprehension
  • Use new techniques for reading business correspondence and reports, newspapers, magazines and professional journals faster
  • Improve comprehension and retention of what you read
  • Identify bad, slow-you-down, reading habits
  • Learn new, speed-you-up, reading habits
  • Adapt to different kinds and styles of reading materials
  • Find information fast with skimming and scanning
  • Be surprised by your improved reading speed and comprehension after the course

Guide Price: 525 + VAT

Delivery: Classroom
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