Dealing with the Disruptive Practitioner in a Legally Compliant Manner

What topics are covered by the course?

Disruptive Practitioner Policies
Corrective Action Procedures
What Constitutes Disruptive Behavior
Steps the Hospital and/or the Medical Staff should take to See that the Disruptive Activity does not Affect Patient Care or Disrupt Operations

Who should attend?

Hospital Executives
Medical Staff Officers
Physicians who serve on Peer Review Committees
Medical Support Staff
Attorneys Representing Medical Staffs

What will I be able to do on completion?

You will learn how to prepare for the day when it becomes necessary to terminate such a practitioner's privileges and medical staff membership.

How will I be assessed?

We will discuss the elements of an effective policy and the actions that should be taken to develop progressive discipline and/or sanctions that should be taken before taking action under the corrective action procedures.

It is very important to demonstrate that this disruptive behavior is a continuing problem; therefore, appropriate documentation is imperative. You will discover how to create a record of this continuing problem and the efforts taken by the organization to combat the problem.

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Duration: 60 Minutes
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