Email Skills

Participants will learn how to write concise, clear and compelling emails in order to improve communication both internally and externally.
Tailored to the needs of the individual. Practical course, with lots of examples and exercises to bring the theory to life.


• Write professional emails that are well structured and clear
• Save time by communicating appropriately from the outset
• Create a positive impact with colleagues, customers and suppliers
• Learn techniques to quickly proof-read emails before you send
• Avoid annoying others with email overload
• Write with impact and capture your reader's attention


Plan your emails to make them look professional
• Following our four-step process will guarantee your emails are professional

Structure emails so they’re easy to follow
• Simple structural techniques for creating a logical flow
• The importance of saying the first things first

Three easy-to-apply email fundamentals
• How to get the response you want from others and avoid your emails being ignored

Respect email netiquette and avoid embarrassment
• Build rapport on-line and avoid offending others

How do you say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’?
• Best practice for salutations and sign-offs

Get your emails read
• The importance of breaking up text and summarising
• When to use attachments for detailed information

Hit the right note
• Avoid being too formal – but don’t get too familiar
• Choosing the right style for your corporate culture

Make your emails crisp, clear and accurate
• Communicate clearly and concisely first time
• Elements of grammar and punctuation

Write emails that are engaging and compelling
• Why being direct, specific and varied in your style gets your message noticed
• Using the active rather than passive voice

Avoid mistakes through thorough proof reading
• How to catch the ones that could easily get away

Manage emotional emails effectively
• Why it’s vital not to write in anger or when you’re upset
• How to respond to rude or aggressive emails

Save time and improve efficiency
• Avoid copymania by only informing the right people
• Getting the best out of Outlook

Guide Price: £195 for half day public course. In-company course prices available on request.

Delivery: Classroom
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