Professional Selling Skills

In a world where products and services have become more like commodities, the role of the sales person is critical in building sustainable competitive advantage. The demand on sales people has never been greater: organisations are demanding reduced cost per sale, whilst customers are looking for a consultative approach which recognises their long-term as well as short-term needs. The PSS course has been developed from best practice, validated sales methodology based on what exemplary sales people do to maximise the relationships they build and the revenue they derive from these mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Bottom Line Benefits

Professional Selling Skills equips sales people with the essential consultative skills needed to succeed and increase their sales and revenue. The programme enables:

* Your organisation to differentiate itself in competitive markets by demonstrating a more consultative approach to business relationships.
* The development of long-term, profitable partnerships with customers.
* The implementation of a consistent sales strategy.
* The establishment of a common sales language which can be supported through sales coaching.
* Explore useful ideas for turning strategies into action
* The achievement of desired increased sales performance levels through the development of the critical skills needed to identify and respond to complex business issues and customer needs.

What will participants gain from attending?

The course presents a structure for conducting a sales call, a questioning process to ensure that all needs (and the needs driving these needs are expressed), and tools and techniques to gain customer commitment. The unique element of the PSS course is the time spent on tools and techniques for handling " drawbacks" including scepticism, misunderstandings, and drawbacks.
Specifically, participants will learn how to:

* Conduct a sales call using an effective process for managing a sales
* Ask good questions to develop a clear, complete, mutual understanding of
their customersí needs.
* Talk about their products and organisation in a way thatís meaningful and
compelling to customers.
* Respond to and overcome customer concerns openly and efficiently.
* End their sales calls with commitments that are appropriate and clear and
gain customer commitment to next steps in the sales cycle.

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