Traceability and Product Recall for the Food Industry

This programme is designed to introduce food manufacturers to the principles and requirements of traceability and product recall.

The programme covers:
The legal obligations for traceability and recall systems.
The level required by EHO
The level required by the industry
Setting up a traceability system
Levels of products recall
Setting up a product recall system
Testing the systems
How these systems link to other activities, BRC audits, HACCP plans

Suitable for Managers, owners or technical staff of food businesses who need to develop or improve their traceability and recall systems.

Article 18 of General Food Law regulations (EC) 178/2002
Under this article food businesses are required to:
a. Identify their suppliers of food, food producing animals and any other substance intended or expected to be incorporated into food.

b. Identify the businesses to which they have supplied products and

c. produce this information to the competent authorities on demand.
All food businesses need to put in place traceability and recall systems.

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