5S Shop Floor Improvement

What is on the shop-floor is reflected above the shop-floor. Good housekeeping, disciplined, organisational structure and safety are brought about with the 5S's.

Now used as the Total Productive Maintenance System for shop-floor housekeeping and general plant maintenance.

Course Objectives

To develop a practical understanding of 5Ss

To determine how to introduce the 5S system

Target Audience

Personnel who are involved with implementing 5S.

Trainers and facilitators


Seiri Sort through and sort out

Seiton Set things in order

Seiso Shine equipment, tools and the

whole workplace

Seiketsu Standardising what we have


Shitsuke Stick to the rules and sustain

what we have started

The 5S's are more powerful in intention for a shake up of the Gemba.

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