Kids Computing - Python Programming Bootcamp - Glasgow Summer Day Classes

What topics are covered by the course?

Below is a brief summary of of each module covered in the course:

Turtle Graphics: Learn the basics of programming by drawing shapes on your screen with Turtle Graphics! Turtle Graphics (or LOGO) is a beginner friendly way to explore programming concepts and bring creativity into programming in a visual way.

Fundamentals: Learn the basics of programming by writing programs that you can interact with using your keyboard!

Control Flow: Teach your program to make decisions based on the information it receives. Learn how to decompose your program into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem!

Strings: Learn more sophisticated strategies for manipulating text in your programs – slicing, formatting, and using regular expressions.

Data Structures: Build more complex programs that make use of lists, grids, and dictionaries.

Project Hangman: Use the skills you’ve learned in the first four modules to build the game Hangman.

Classes and Objects: Learn the principles of object-oriented design.

Final Project: This is your chance to build your own application using the new skills you’ve learned!

Who should attend?

This summer bootcamp course is designed for students aged 10 to 17 who are interested in Python Programming.

What will I be able to do on completion?

In this course, students learn the fundamental concepts of programming – concepts that can be applied in the study of any programming language. Students also dive into specific features of the Python programming language.

How will I be assessed?

No formal assessment - For the final project, students will build their own application using the skills they have learned.

The summer bootcamp at our Glasgow training centre is designed for students aged 10 - 17 who are interested in Python Programming.

Guide Price: £95 + VAT

Delivery: Classroom
Category: IT & Computer »
Duration: 3 full days
Qualification: Course Completion Certification

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