Legionella & Legionnaires Awareness Training – Level 2

What topics are covered by the course?

This online legionella & legionnaires awareness training course covers the following:

What is Legionella? (Understand the dangers of legionella and where it can be found)
what legionella is and where it comes from;
how people get legionnaires’ disease;
who is most at risk;
symptoms and treatment of legionnaires’ disease.
Legal Responsibilities (Understand your legal responsibilities and duties associated with legionella management in your workplace)
health and safety legislation;
COSHH regulations;
Notification regulations;
RIDDOR, landlord responsibilities;
employee responsibilities;
designers, manufacturers & importers;
suppliers and installers and the HSE Approved Code of Practice L8.
Hazardous Environments
where legionella is found;
what is meant by a water system;
assessing the risks;
cooling systems;
hot and cold water systems & spa pools;
other risk systems and the main risk factors.
Legionella Risk Assessment (Know what management steps need to be taken to minimise the risk of a legionella outbreak to a safe and acceptable level)
what a risk assessment is;
identifying the hazards;
schematic diagrams;
deciding who might be harmed and how;
consulting employees;
evaluating the risks and implementing controls;
recording findings and reviewing and updating the assessment.
Controlling the Risks
dutyholder responsibilities;
training requirements;
instruction and communication;
employee responsibilities;
the written scheme;
key precautions;
operation of the water system;
monitoring and inspection;
testing water quality;
cleaning and disinfection;
controlling water systems in residential settings and avoiding stagnation.
Know where to go for advice and assistance with regard to legionella management within your organisation.

Who should attend?


This course is suitable for anyone in charge of a premises (known as the duty holder) no matter how big or small the premises and regardless of the number of people present. This includes all employers, self-employed people and anyone else in control of a premises, such as landlords and letting agents.

Landlords have an obligation to be aware of the dangers of legionella and ensure a risk assessment is done to keep their tenants from harm. This course provides details on how to carry out a risk assessment and explains what should be included so that you have an awareness of how to identify legionella hazards and react appropriately.

What will I be able to do on completion?

At the end of this legionella & legionnaires awareness e-learning course, learners will be required to complete an online assessment.

How will I be assessed?

On successful completion of the knowledge test (80% pass mark), learners will be able to download a CPD certificate.

Our online legionella & legionnaires awareness training courses are developed in line with the latest UK legislation and meet the requirements set out by the National Health Service (NHS), Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, UK Health and Safety Executive and other professional and regulatory bodies.

The content of this online legionella & legionnaires awareness training course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted CPD guidelines.

Guide Price: 19.99

Delivery: Online
Category: Safety Training »
Duration: 3 Hours
Qualification: Level 2 Qualification

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