'Medical Travel: Best Practice in Outpatient Flow, Clinic Management & Marketing'

What topics are covered by the course?

- Introduction
- Medical travel Why
- Local survey
- Professional background
- Local organization
- Clinics and Hospitals – experience in Medical Travel
- Patients‘ acquisition strategy and procedures
- Offer requirements and pricing
- Clinics preparation and practical patient service aspects
- Cooperation between an agent and the clinic – practical aspects, service fees, roles and responsibilities
- Terms and conditions contracts between the agent and the clinic
- Terms and conditions contracts between the clinic and the patient
- Cooperation with other parties

Who should attend?

Senior medical leadership for hospitals / clinics’ owners, medical directors and chief medical officers, individuals operating as clinic directors

What will I be able to do on completion?

The Healthcare Management Programme gives essential knowledge on challenges and efficient solutions for running a modern medical facility, focuses on new patients’ attraction, managing a talent pipeline, and meeting healthcare travel business demands.

How will I be assessed?

We don't have any special terms and conditions for participants to receive the certificate. Participants should be present at all the agenda and take part in panel sittings, discussions and presentations held during the course.



Refresh knowledge and get the latest industry trends presented by thoroughly chosen experts - British University professors, in-demand practitioners, and field gurus. Generate new valuable ideas for business growth with efficient topic exposure and individual consultancy.


Gain a competitive advantage for your career from Oxford. Enjoy cultural socialising in the world education capital.

- Busy schedule? Benefit from distant participation - live streams from expert sessions. All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Academic Union Oxford.

Guide Price: 980

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Business & Management »
Duration: 2-day
Qualification: Certificates and diplomas

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