First Aid - Appointed Persons - 1day

Certificate valid for 3 years - no prior experience required.
A dynamic 1-day certified course, run by David Tagg of Back To Work, covers essential First Aid skills to nationally recognised standards, plus a fascinating introduction to the use of natural remedies in First Aid. An ideal course for therapists, people involved in the health and leisure industry and everyone who seeks the knowledge to manage First Aid situations confidently. It is accepted by IFPA and Embody as part of their membership requirements.
Topics include:
* Emergency First-Aid: What should be done in an emergency; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; dealing with an unconscious casualty. Control of wounds and bleeding
* First-Aid in Practice: First aid management of situations more likely to be encountered within the complementary medicine practice environment, such as Anaphylactic shock and adverse reactions
* The Use of Natural remedies in Emergency Medicine


The Seed Institute
Biggar Village
LA14 3YG

Tel: 01229 470120

Guide Price: 80

Delivery: In house
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