Door Security Procedures

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Explain the legislation, regulations and standards governing the provision of a private security service to include reference to the Private Security Services legislation, relevant national and international standards and the role of the Private Security Authority
Explain the role of private security services in relation to the role of other agencies which deal with crime prevention
Distinguish between legal codes and practices relating to the role of the Door Security Personnel to include: criminal and civil law, the rights of the individual, health and safety legislation, equality legislation and security industry licensing requirements and relevant national and international standards
Explain the status of representatives of authorised bodies entering premises to include a member of An Garda Siochana, fire officer, customs officer, health and safety Inspector and representatives of the security industry regulatory body
State the principal points of relevant national labour regulations
List a range of personal and professional qualities required of a Door Security Person
Outline relevant health and safety requirements including dealing with fire and fire regulations, and other areas, that relate to the role of the Door Security Person
Explain what is meant by loss prevention and detection
Explain what is meant by reasonable and necessary force
Contrast the role and responsibilities of a Door Security Person employed directly by a client (in-house) and the provision of a contract security service
Explain appropriate conflict resolution techniques for dealing with a range of incidents
Carry out the duties and procedures required of a Door Security Person
Respond appropriately to security incidents and emergencies
Use a variety of supporting security tools and equipment
Complete the various duties involved in the work of a Door Security Person to include the preservation of a scene of crime and the recording of incidents and liaison with appropriate agencies and organisations
Use appropriate communications skills and a range of customer service techniques in a variety of situations in the workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in Security Skills Development.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Gain promotion in the Security Industry.

How will I be assessed?

Online Exam


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Delivery: Online
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Duration: 40 Hours
Qualification: Certificate of Completion

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