Principles of Communication

What topics are covered by the course?

Day One:
 What is communication?
 The elements of communication
 Factors influencing communication

Day Two:
 Forms of communication
 Communication channels
 Giving job instructions

Day Three
Giving and receiving feedback
Structure of a presentation
Preparing effective presentation
Presenting effectively & use of visual aids

Day Four
 Handling questions
 What is an effective meeting?
 Meeting attendants

Day Five
 Skills needed to chair meetings
 Handling difficult situations
 Common tools for chairing meetings

Who should attend?

The course on Communicating Effectively has been designed for those who manage groups of people, mainly including business owners, top management, and all managers within small and medium sized enterprises.

What will I be able to do on completion?

After finishing this course, participants will be able to:

 identify elements of communication process and factors influencing it;
 identify forms of communication;
 describe channels of communication at work;
 show ability to give job instruction;
 display ability to give and receive feedbacks;
 show ability to deliver effective presentations by using verbal and non verbal language;
 show ability to participate and conduct meetings effectively.

How will I be assessed?

Students are assessed thru pretest and post-test evaluation.

As an open course, this program is offered in specific destinations. However, as an in-house training it can be offered at any part of the globe.
This Program can be integrated with any other program in the same category and for a 10 days course, client will get benefit of two days discount paying only for eight days.
Accord Worldwide can offer this training in other languages than English, please contact us for your needs.

Guide Price: $ 2,397

Delivery: In house
Category: Communications & Personal Development »
Duration: 5 Days
Qualification: Course participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing the course requirements

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