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What topics are covered by the course?

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Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March 2017, 10.30am to 4.45pm - venue TBC

Saturday 4 March
Part I: Modern Medical Astrology. Discover the astrological principles of health and disease and how these play out in your horoscope. Kira will also speak about foods, herbal medicines and activities to your constitution.

Part II: Nature’s 7 Healers. In naturopathy, there is a system of healing called ‘Nature’s 7 Doctors’: seven principles to live by in order to create balance, health and wellbeing. By combining these with the seven traditional planets (the Sun to Saturn), Kira will show how each duo can impact your health.

Sunday 5 March
Part III: Keeping Your Moon Healthy. Kira will explore the Moon through the signs and houses – as well as o er advice on foods and natural medicines – to teach a healthier way to ‘feed your soul’ and identify stumbling blocks. Learn to work with the Moon’s transits and lunations to better understand how your body expresses its energetics of health and dis-ease.

Part IV: Turning Malefic Maladies into Warriors of Wellbeing. Traditional medical astrology teaches that Mars and Saturn are the harbingers of ill health and disease – instigators of acute or long- standing ailments. But what if you could take their principles and use them to add strength and vigour to your life? Join Kira to see how you can work with these troublesome planets to activate positive life changes.

Who should attend?

Included as part of the intermediate and advanced courses at the LSA, this course is open to non-students and this wishing to expand on their astrological knowledge.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Students will have a firm grounding in medical astrology with the tools to research the subject further in their free time.

How will I be assessed?

The is no assessment for this specific seminar, though students on the Intermediate and Advanced courses at the London School of Astrology will be able to take an optional Certificate & Diploma papers.

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March 2017, 10.30am to 4.45pm - venue TBC.

Medical Weekend with Kira Sutherland - Full Weekend - £100
Medical – Sat 4 Mar only - £55
Medical – Sun 5 Mar only - £55

Our school was founded in 2000 and, now approaching our 17th academic year, we are delighted to say that the LSA continues to be the most popular place to study astrology in London.
The LSA offers weekly classes and seminars designed to enable you to use the powerful tool of astrology for your own personal self-development and in a professional capacity, too. Our classes show that astrology – essentially a spiritual discipline – can be practical and relevant to all aspects of everyday life. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of tuition in a fun and supportive environment and our tutors are experienced, practising astrologers – teachers and consultants who have the breadth of knowledge that is only acquired after many years of working on a day-to-day basis with astrology.
This year we have a new Saturday study option for Beginners at Regent’s College (Regent’s Park) which comprises four seminars a term – visit our website for a free copy of the course prospectus.

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Duration: £100 for the weekend, or £55 per day (included in Year 2 and 3’s term fees).

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