Advanced Excel Bookkeeping Training Course

What topics are covered by the course?

Creating worksheets, formatting text
Simple and complex formulas
Handling rows and columns
Autocomplete, using styles, headers and footers,
Average, max and min functions and using charts.
Use of IF Formula
Summing Techniques
Cell References
Formula Linking
Tables and Bordering
Look up References (Vlookup, Hlookup,etc)
Data Validation
Conditional Formatting
Date & Time Formulas
Charts & Graphs
Protection & Security
Creating Pivot Table
Pivot Table Analysis

Who should attend?

Talk to a Course Advisor directly: Our Course Advisors know the accounting industry inside-out and will be able to offer professional advice and answer any questions you may have. Or please click on Request Information to get more detailed information.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Full knowledge and understanding of Advanced excel bookkeeping.

How will I be assessed?

Not applicable

Guide Price: This course is offering in Classroom based. Please enquire to find out the fees

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Accountancy »
Duration: 2 weeks

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