This two day Marketing in Practice training course is designed to enable the new marketeer to develop a thorough understanding of the many areas encountered in the busy marketing environment. All major aspects of marketing are covered and delegates will be able to apply the theories and practice of marketing on their return to work.

This course will examine the function and practice of marketing in more detail. A well-proven process for strategic planning which delegates will be able to use in practice will be explained. However, the real emphasis of this course will be on tactical plans, implementation and control and gaining the co-operation of others. It will take a very “hands-on” look at the job of brand management.

Interesting and enlightening, the marketing in practice training course will provide useful tools, examples of best practice and be full of good tips. Delegates will leave the course equipped to put their new knowledge and skills into practice and their development in the role will be accelerated.

This course is following on from our Introduction to Marketing training course.

In-house courses can be tailored to reflect and support aspects of your company’s culture and marketing planning process. A pre-course assessment and post-course follow-up or mentoring can also be arranged.


Understand the Marketing Concept and definitions of marketing.
Identify external and internal customers.
Understand department functions and how to manage customer relationships.
Understand the marketing planning process and the components of a marketing plan.
Be able to undertake strategic planning and write marketing plans.
Understand the marketing mix – Product, Price, Promotion and Place.
Know how to implement and control a plan.
Identify the skills of an effective brand manager.


Newly appointed brand managers and those who have worked in the role for 1 to 2 years. The course is suitable for staff from manufacturing; retail, B2B, B2C, or public organisations and examples of marketing practice will be drawn from all areas. In house courses can be tailored according to business type.


Two Days






Day One

The Marketing Concept ~

Definitions of marketing; the eras of marketing; customer focus; customer needs and wants; creating value for customers; customer satisfaction
The marketing organisation; how marketing crosses all disciplines
How marketing provides a framework for business and driving profitable growth

The Development Cycle ~

Market research
New product development
Product life cycles

Internal and External Customers ~

Internal customers: marketing; sales; customer service; finance; manufacturing; legal; senior managers; departmental functions
Skills for working with internal customers
External customers: consumers; buyers and distributors; agencies; other suppliers; regulators
Selecting, reviewing and managing agencies; retainer or project based fees

Strategic Marketing Planning ~

Strategic planning overview; planning timetables; primary and secondary market research; research agencies; market and environmental analysis; product and company analysis
The SWOT analysis; quantitative SWOT analysis; strategic options and developing a strategy; segmentation; positioning; target audience; marketing objectives

The Marketing Mix ~

Product: specification; customer benefits; branding; packaging; labelling; support services
Price: balance of revenue and profit versus competitiveness; value to customer; basic price; discounts and special offers; pricing strategies
Promotion: adoption pathways; advertising; publicity; personal selling; POS; customer promotions; E-strategy; integrated communications
Place: wholesaler and retailer channels; sales force; coverage; trade promotions; DTC; direct and on-line channels
The marketing mix and adoption pathways; the marketing mix and customer type; the marketing mix and product life cycle; co-ordinating with marketing peers and looking for synergies

The Financial Plan ~

Market and sales forecasting; methods; sanity checks; the product P&L; production forecasts

Day Two

Implementation ~

Internal briefings: marketing peers; training; sales management and sales force briefings; getting “buy-in” and keeping promises; production
External briefings: agencies, suppliers and third parties; written briefs; quality of briefs; checking understanding
Building constructive relationships; organisation; prioritisation; forward planning; project management; administration
Field visits; sales force communications and support; feedback and progress reports; recognition and motivation

Control ~

Tracking and measurement: monthly tracking reports; market and competitor trends; product sales volume and value; scheduled research; sales force activity; A&P budget control and stock control
Field visits, customer visits and competitor intelligence
Identifying deviations to plan; corrective actions; diagnostic research; the dynamic plan and contingencies

Writing a Marketing Plan ~

Preparation and writing; templates; in-built tracking; the “living” document

Post-Course Action Plan ~

Preparing an action plan

Guide Price: £995 1st delegate (£795 for all others from the same organisation) 2 day course

Delivery: Classroom
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