Fire Warden and Fire Marshal Online Health and Safety Training Course - Approved by RoSPA

What topics are covered by the course?

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Fire legislation
1.4 Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005
1.5 Fire risk assessment
1.6 Emergency roles
1.7 Incident Control Officers
1.8 First aiders
1.9 Fire warden - interact
1.10 Fire safety management
1.11 The fire triangle
1.12 The fire triangle - interact
1.13 The fire triangle
1.14 Remove heat
1.15 Remove oxygen
1.16 Remove fuel
1.17 Question
1.18 Question
1.19 Stages of fire - clickable
1.20 How fire spreads - clickable
1.21 Summary
Fire Prevention
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Lesson objectives
2.3 Causes of fire
2.4 Misuse of electrical equipment
2.5 Frayed electric cables
2.6 Safe use of appliances
2.7 Heating appliances
2.8 Overloaded power points
2.9 Flammable substances
2.10 Arson
2.11 Fire doors
2.12 Fire hazard spotting - activity
2.13 Fire safety signs - clickable
2.14 Summary
Emergency Evacuation
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Lesson objectives
3.3 Designated zones
3.4 Human behaviour
3.5 Hearing a fire alarm
3.6 Evacuate the building
3.7 Evacuate the building
3.8 Evacuate the building
3.9 Disabled people
3.10 Check the premises
3.11 Difficult people
3.12 Evacuate the building
3.13 Smoke filled environment
3.14 Fire assembly point
3.15 Fire assembly point
3.16 Fire assembly point
3.17 Discovering a fire
3.18 Raise the alarm
3.19 Contact appropriate service
3.20 Evacuate the building
3.21 Summary
Fire Fighting
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Lesson objectives
4.3 Types of fire extinguishers
4.4 Fire classification
4.5 Selecting an extinguisher
4.6 Class A
4.7 Class B
4.8 Class C
4.9 Class D
4.10 Electrical fires
4.11 Class F
4.12 PASS activity
4.13 Question activity - computer
4.14 Question activity - evacuation
4.15 Question activity - waste bin
4.16 Question activity - chip pan
4.17 First aid in an emergency
4.18 Clothes on fire
4.19 Clothes on fire
4.20 Dealing with minor burns
4.21 Dealing with minor burns
4.22 Summary

Who should attend?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the employer or owner as the 'responsible' person has overall responsibility for fire safety in their premises but may appoint 'competent' persons such as Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals to assist in ensuring adequate fire safety procedures are implemented. The Regulatory Order also requires that where persons are appointed to assist that they be provided with suitable training. Assistance may take the form of participating in the fire risk assessment and the subsequent development of an emergency plan. Fire wardens and Fire Marshals are then normally designated the responsibility of executing the emergency plan during a fire emergency. The Fire Warden and Fire Marshal training course is designed to provide

What will I be able to do on completion?

Fire Wardens and Fire Marshal's with a knowledge of their duties and what actions to follow in the event of a fire

How will I be assessed?

Test with a Rospa automatically generated certificate on completion of the course

Guide Price: From 12.00

Delivery: Online
Category: Safety Training »
Duration: 60 minutes
Qualification: RoSPA Certificate

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