Slips, Trips and Falls Online ELearning Health and Safety Training Course - Approved by RoSPA.

What topics are covered by the course?

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Course objectives
1.3 Description - Slips, trips and falls
1.4 Case Studies - drag and drop
1.5 Prevention
1.6 Responsibilities
1.7 Safety concern
1.8 Test your knowledge
1.9 Summary
Slips and Trips
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Lesson objectives
2.3 Slip situations
2.4 Trip situations
2.5 Causes of slips and trips
2.6 Workplace housekeeping
2.7 Floor cleaning
2.8 Spill clean-up procedure
2.9 Routine cleaning
2.10 Routine cleaning – Test your knowledge
2.11 Positive attitude
2.12 General prevention - clickable
2.13 Appropriate footwear
2.14 Summary
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Lesson objectives
3.3 Work at height
3.4 Work at height
3.5 Work at height
3.6 Case studies
3.7 Using the right equipment
3.8 Using portable steps correctly
3.9 Ladder use
3.10 Ladder use – what’s wrong?
3.11 Ladder inspection
3.12 Ladder inspection results
3.13 Anticipating a fall
3.14 Summary

Who should attend?

Slips and Trips make up over a third of workplace injuries and are the most common workplace hazard with over 10,000 workers suffering an injury last year.

Slips, Trips and Falls is a 15 minute E-Learning course designed to heighten employee awareness of how easy it is for an accident to occur at work.

What will I be able to do on completion?

The course communicates the importance of risk identification, accident prevention and maintenance of good housekeeping procedures

How will I be assessed?

Test with RoSPA Certificate automatically generated on completion

Guide Price: From £10.00

Delivery: Online
Category: Safety Training »
Duration: 15 minute
Qualification: RoSPA Certified

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