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What topics are covered by the course?

Topics covered in GOSUB Pro:

Module 1

Configuring Project Settings
- With script
- Without script
Raising and alignment
Splitting and merging
Shot changes and frames
Importing and exporting
Tips and need to know

Module 2

Closed captioning
Tips and need to know

Module 3

Quality Assurance
Tips and need to know

Who should attend?

The Subtitle Pro course is designed to fill the gap for all round overview of the ins and outs of subtitling, closed captioning and QA. The course is relevant for professionals concerned with media, eg: translators or interpreters, media content professionals, media translators or interpreters, individuals seeking professional Audiovisual and media training.
In addition, this course is also relevant for anyone who would like to make a career out of subtitling eg: bilingual speakers, second language teachers, recent graduates or students, university student, individuals seeking to enter the TV and Film industries, freelancers working from home, retired professionals.
This course is also designed for Cinema enthusiasts and Fansubbers who would like to become professional subtitlers.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Start working as a professional subtitler or captioner by earning the GOSUB certificate.

The certificate courses are open to students at all stages of development. There are no minimum or prior education requirements.

The primary goal of these courses is to broaden students' knowledge in terms of the best methodologies for creating quality subtitles and closed captions as well as to increase proficiency.

Once you have completed the course, your selection of job choice is wide. You will have gained enough knowledge to begin working as a subtitler, closed captioner, time coder/spotter, quality controller or transcriber. You can subtitle in the entertainment area or the education and distance learning area. You can subtitle live events or sports events. The opportunities are unlimited.

How will I be assessed?

Tasks and examination:

There is a task assignment after each topic is completed. There are 12 tasks in total. Students must complete the task in order to progress with the course. Results on the task are given within 24 hours after submission (weekdays) and 72 hours (weekends).
Constructive feedback is also given with tips and re-enforcement on the needed areas in the Students evaluation form.

Once the entire 3 modules have been completed, students will be allowed to take the examination. The examination is a 15 minute (run time of the video) test.
The student will have 96 hours in order to complete the examination.
Results are given within 48 hours (weekdays) and 72 hours (weekends).

Guide Price: 450

Delivery: Online
Category: Language »
Duration: 4 weeks
Qualification: GOSUB Pro

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