Nail Technician Level 3

What topics are covered by the course?

Unit 1

As a nail technician it is your job to care for the nails of the hands and feet and be able to provide safe and sanitary extensions and decorations to these parts of the body. As well as this you must understand the need for overall health on the hands and feet of your clients so that you can appreciate any skin inflictions and how they occur.

In this unit we will explore the structure of nails as well as the bone structure of the hands and feet. With this information you will have a better understanding of different abnormalities and how these are treated as well as how the nails should be structured and the different areas of nails.

In this unit of the course we will explore the anatomy of the skin and what it is for as well as some of the more common skin abnormalities which can affect the health and well-being of a personís skin.

Unit 2

Manicures are very important in health and beauty practices and are one of the main skills which nail technicians use in their everyday duties. It is very important to keep the nails on the hands clean and tidy as well as treat any areas which may require attention.

In this lesson we will explore the need for manicures and how to carry these out correctly using the proper practices that are required by nail technicians

Unit 3

Throughout this lesson we will be focusing on the structure of the nail and its composition. We will look at the different strengths of nails and how a healthy nail should grow.

As well as this we will explore different nail conditions and identify which can be treated and which cannot. An understanding of different conditions that could affect your clientís nails is important for any nail technician so that you know how to treat any condition which you may come across.

Unit 4

In this part of the course we will be looking at the various types of nail tips and adhesives that can be used to add enhancements to your clientís nails. We will explore how to prepare and sanitise nails ready for customisations as well as the correct steps and procedures that must be taken to ensure a good finished product.

We will also take a look at the chemical processes which are at work and how these act to bond together the new tips to the natural nails

Unit 5

In this unit we will explore the use of nail overlays and the various types in use which are liquid and powder, UV gel and fibre overlays. Each of these has their own pros and cons and we will look at each in detail and the correct method of application.

Nail overlays are used to add strength to nails and sculpt them into a smooth finish. Normally overlays are applied after the nail tips, which have provided the right length for the nails and base, ready for the overlay which will create a smooth natural-looking finish which is very strong. Some clients may opt to just have overlays on their nails which will make them stronger, a little bit longer and less prone to breaking.

Unit 6

Without the correct procedures for the disposal of waste products and chemicals, as well as the general cleanliness of the salon, you could run the risk of having bacteria and infection spreading. This could be to you, the others who work with you or your clients and you should always analyse situations to make sure that you are working in the most hygienic way.

By employing certain techniques to sterilise equipment and work surfaces you will be able to dramatically reduce the chances of any bacteria spreading and be able to work within health and safety guidelines.

Unit 7

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting decisions you can ever make. It allows you to be your own boss, work hours to suit you and have uncapped earning potential. This unit of the course will focus on how to start your own business and the best practices for when you are running a company.

We will look at the different legal requirements of starting a business and the information which you must submit to HMRC when you are registered as a business owner. The unit will also look into ways that you can grow your business, market to new clients and run a company successfully in the beauty industry.

Who should attend?

This qualification is specifically designed to give a good overview of the knowledge required to start a career as a nail technician and the different techniques that this job role requires. The units are tailored to those who wish to not only learn practical skills but people who wish to launch their own business or set up a nail salon.

What will I be able to do on completion?

This nail technician course has been designed to teach the necessary skills to work in this sector and provide quality care for peopleís nails. The qualification set on teaching knowledge of the techniques required alongside as the skills to set up your own business.

How will I be assessed?

This course is assessed through tutor marked assignments which must be sent to your tutor for marking. You will then be provided with feedback and a mark on your work from your tutor within 5 days. After each assignment has been sent off and marked as complete you will have passed the qualification and will receive your certification.

Delivery: Distance
Category: Beauty »
Duration: 12 Months
Qualification: ABC

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