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What topics are covered by the course?

The programme aims to:
1. Provide knowledge of the theory and practice of social innovation in working with individuals, communities, groups, organisations and networks.
2.Encourage participants to integrate theory with practice through providing opportunities to put learning into action as part of the programme.
3. Appreciate diversity and difference within a community engagement and development perspective.
4. Equip students to consult and facilitate communities within professional ethical and legal boundaries.
5. Support engagement with contemporary literature and resources around social innovation and social research.
6.Prepare and support people to successfully apply their learning within community engagement and development settings.

Summary of the programme topics:
1. Developing & maintaining a functioning & effective team
2. Project Planning & Management
3. Consulting in its various forms
4. Interrogating existing social research
5. Designing options & responses
6. Presenting findings & solutions

Who should attend?

There are no specific minimum entry qualifications to be part of the Social Innovation Academy. People Know How is looking for students with an open-minded creative and innovative outlook. We are looking for people with good interpersonal communication skills, and who have the ability to work independently and as part of a team. You will need to have basic numeracy and literacy skills.

What will I be able to do on completion?

1. Explain the key stages involved in the process of social innovation, including community consultation, identifying solutions and making recommendations.
2. Review and summarise existing research and policy relating to specific social issues that come up through consulting communities.
3. Identify and define basic legal and ethical issues to demonstrate knowledge through implementing good practice around community consultations related to social innovation.
4. Develop self-awareness and insights that reflects an understanding of the process of community consultation with stakeholders and the community in a social innovation context.
5. Apply collaborative and communication skills in authoring and presenting their findings and recommendations from the consultation process to a specific social context or issue.

How will I be assessed?

Knowledge, understanding and practical application will be assessed through a final group report and presentation. In addition a written self-reflection on how each individual has developed their learning and skills will evidence different learning outcomes.

Apply NOW. Feel free to contact us and ask questions and find out more. We will take applications until the 31st of December, however it is advised to apply as early as possible as there are limited places and they will be filled on a rolling basis.

Guide Price: FREE

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Communications & Personal Development »
Duration: The programme includes 160 hours of direct training and practical application over 40 days/15 weeks
Qualification: Diploma/Certificate/Award

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