Strategic Selling and its Effect in Winning and Retaining Customers

What topics are covered by the course?

Strategic Selling helps you identify and convert sales opportunities into closed business. It also helps you discover the full sales opportunity that your prospect represents. With most sales opportunities, there are multiple influencers that impact the deal. With Strategic Selling youíll assess what you know about your clients, discover what you donít know, and learn who and what you need to know to develop a winning solution.
Strategic Selling involves you in real-world situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your own accounts.

Who should attend?

Professionals and Employees of all types of organisations.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Receive a certificate of attending from us and will also be accredited with 20 CPD hours as evidence against their professional portfolio, as we are fully recognised and accredited by the CPD standards office.

How will I be assessed?

Based on Theory/ Class Participation/ Audio/ Exercise

Guide Price: $ 3500

Castle Donington
Delivery: Classroom
Category: Sales Training »
Duration: 5 days
Qualification: Aaccreditation of 20 CPD

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