Childminding level 3

What topics are covered by the course?

The demand for childcare has never been higher, with more parents returning to work and working longer hours. And, since the introduction of the 2002 ECM initiative, there has been a public outcry for childcare professionals with recognised accreditation and training.
The Child-minding course covers 8 diverse and practical units, which have been tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge required for modern professionals in the childcare industry. You can view the units by clicking the ‘Snapshot’ tab above.
You’ll begin by focusing on core modules that cover the developmental needs of children, including physical needs, nutrition, rest and sleep. You’ll also explore different methods of teaching through play and psychological needs in detail – love, security, positive reinforcement and education. With this grounding, you’ll move on to study specialised areas focused on behaviour management, child abuse and the legal framework that must be adhered to. You’ll learn your legal responsibilities, what is expected of you, and ultimately; how to thrive as a knowledgeable, empathetic professional. You’ll even learn health and safety and how to draw up your own contracts and agreements, enabling you to stay informed and compliant with the law at all times.


No matter where you study, If you intend to progress into a childcare environment, there is additional training that you need to undertake. This is a legal requirement.
You will need to undertake a first aid qualification, which only takes one day to complete. St. John’s Ambulance offers a day course that is very competitively priced.
In addition, you will need to register with Ofsted, who will conduct a simple home visit if you plan on offering childcare facilities in your home. Once you have completed your first aid training and registration, you will be qualified to work.

Who should attend?

Our Child-minding course does not have any set requirements. Open to anyone with a good educational background and a keen interest in the area, we welcome your application. This course is extremely accessible, and we supply a study guide to each student. Your personal tutor will also be on hand to assist you.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Once you have graduated from our Child-minding course, you will be awarded with a diploma from Cambridge Open College, along with a certificate endorsed by Focus Awards. As a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB), Focus Awards allocates endorsements to courses that meet their high standards of quality and consistency.
Graduates of the course will find their employability is enhanced, especially if they go on to receive their first aid qualification.
In addition, you will receive some of the very best professional support available for FREE, to ensure your long-term success. This includes a FREE CV appraisal service and a range of employment tools. And, if you’re interested in setting up your very own childcare business, we will support you with a FREE business website, domain and hosting!

How will I be assessed?

Ongoing assessment throughout the course.

Guide Price: 269.00

Delivery: Online
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Duration: 12 months

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