Gluten-Free Pasta Making Lesson

What topics are covered by the course?

"The Dying Skill of Making Pasta" is the main topic of this course, which will be prepared without the use of a machine.

Who should attend?

Potential attendees should attend.

What will I be able to do on completion?

After completion the attendees will be able:
- to create healthy and flavourful gluten-free pasta,
- to create coloured pasta and they will be exploring both egg and egg-free pasta,
- to make mouth watering ricotta and pumpkin gnocchi, served with delicious porcini mushrooms,
- they will be taught the best way to cook pasta, and how to match pasta shape and sauce.

How will I be assessed?

Not applicable

One of a kind course that teaches you the dying skill of making pasta the traditional way, without the use of a machine. Learn how to mix flours and flavours for an unforgettable tasty experience.

Shaping pasta by hand is an art that is slowly dying: only a handful of Italian "nonnas" (grandmothers) are able to create delicious pasta from scratch using nothing but their hands. Silvana learned this fantastic and rare skill as a small child from her nonna, and now she is in London to teach you how to create more than 50 different kind of traditional pasta. During the very hands on lesson, Silvana will teach you how to handle and work gluten-free dough, and each month will be dedicated to a different flour mix and technique, so you will be able to create healthy and flavourful gluten-free pasta, and won't be tied any-more to the supermarkets' limited choice: we will explore rice flour (the easiest flour to handle), corn flour, gram flour, buckwheat flour, chestnut flour, and so on. Today you will learn how to make mouth watering ricotta and pumpkin gnocchi, served with delicious porcini mushrooms. Note that we'll be using eggs to make this pasta. If you require egg-free, please contact Silvana to make arrangements. No need to purchase the whole course, come and join us today for a fun-filled lesson, and to enjoy at the end the fruits of your labour: hurry, the places are limited!

Venue Details: Casereccio Restaurant, 10a Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 8HR, United Kingdom.

Event Category: Classes / Courses | Lifestyle, Arts, Leisure.


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Guide Price: Single lesson: GBP 55.00, Ten lessons package (1 lesson free): GBP 495.00.

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Cookery »
Duration: On 11th October, 2015 at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

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