NASDU 32 days Level 4 Explosive Detection Dog Handlers Course

What topics are covered by the course?

Content: Unit 01 (20 GLH)
Roles and Responsibilities of an Explosive Detection Dog Handler
o Handler Qualities
o Dog Selection
o Current Legislation
o Target Scents
o Safe Systematic Search
o Protocols
o Storage, Use and Transport of Training Aids
o Progression of Training
o Customer Care

Unit 02 (120 GLH)
Control an Explosive Detection Dog under Operational Conditions
o Control
o Assessment
o Safe Actions
o Building Search
o Vehicle Search
o Open Terrain
o Route Search
o Equipment
o Progression of Training

Unit 03 (10 GLH)
Maintain the Health, Well Being and Safety of an Explosive Detection Dog and Handler
o Health & Well Being
o Health and Safety Requirements
o Emergency Procedures

Who should attend?

This programme meets the requirements of those learners who have experience as Drugs Detection Dog Handlers, General Purpose Dog Handlers, Door Supervisors or Security Officers who wish to become Explosive Detection Dog Handlers. It would also be suitable for members of HM Armed Forces, Police or Prison Service who wish to take on an Explosive Detection Dog Handler role in the private sector. It's also suitable for none UK personnel of the Armed Forces, Police, Emergency Services or Private Security who wish to take on an Explosive Detection Dog Handler role in their country of origin. We will only supply training and or dogs to countries that do not have sanctions imposed on them by the UK, UN or the EU and after gaining guidance from the United Kingdom Foreign commonwealth Office. Due to health considerations this program is not suitable for women who at the time of training are pregnant.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Successful learner and dog will receive a NASDU level 4 certificate for qualified explosive detection team.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment shall be carried out by an independent Approved NASDU Instructor/Trainer; internal moderation shall be carried out by NASDU. The mode of assessment shall be by practical assessment, by question and answer sessions and by a written examination. Learners whose final assessments are with a dog who successfully indicates the presence of a number of given substances that are real explosives and not pseudo may apply for additional certification as an NASDU Explosives Detection Team.

Guide Price: 3,950.00 Course Fee only.

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Dog Handler »
Duration: 32 days over two 16 day block courses
Qualification: NASDU National Award Level 4

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