One Day Intensive Dental Occlusion, Posture & Temporo Mandibular Disorder Course

What topics are covered by the course?

12th November 2015
The course runs for one full day 9.00AM till 5.00PM with a seminar over an extended lunch break 1.00PM till 2.00PM.A pre-ordered lunch (inclusive) is consumed during the structured element of the seminar.

Who should attend?

This day is open to anyone with an interest to attend, we encourage all health professionals but would be happy someone outside of the health profession with an interest in the concept in particular parents of prospective patients.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Understand the possibility of dentistry to solve Temporo-mandibular disorders and medical problems as headache, cervical pain and other postural pathologiesrelated to the malocclusion.Understand why a malocclusion can induce a postural problem or a TMD analyzing the pathophysiologic mechanism.

How will I be assessed?

Throughout the course, constant informal feedback will be sort to guide the progress of the participants. In addition to this, a short multi choice questionnaire will be given at the close of the day to gauge the level of individual understanding and inform the students for their understanding.

The program is open to students, doctors in dentistry, dental technicians and other specialists of rehabilitation as physiotherapistsor osteopaths. The teaching methods consist of analysis and interpretation of clinical aspects of the TM dysfunctional pathologies, the evaluation of the malocclusion in relation to that by a functional point of view and analyzing how to solve or to avoid this kind of problems during an oral rehabilitation.

Moreover it will be analyzed how to manage a postural problem related to a malocclusion.

Guide Price: 200

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Health & Medical »
Duration: 1 day
Qualification: Dental Occlusion, Posture & Temporo Mandibular Disorder

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