The Technology and Chemistry of Hydrotreating

What topics are covered by the course?

As refiners worldwide see remarkable fluctuation in crude oil prices and continued demand for clean transportation fuels, a sound knowledge of Hydroprocessing (HP) technology and its impact on the refinery is essential. This course provides an in-depth yet practical review of hydrotreating technology in a crude oil refinery. The lecturers will cover topics ranging from the chemistry of hydrotreating to a discussion of the design of commercial processes and reactors. The programme will address diesel, jet fuel and naphtha hydrotreating, feed pre-treatment for conversion units and consider hydrogen, production and purification.




Speakers: Richard Moore-Coulson, Magnus Schau-Magussen, Pierre Dufresne

Who should attend?

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What will I be able to do on completion?

hydrotreating, refinery, process engineer, refiner, crude oil

How will I be assessed?

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