Microsoft Excel 2003 Intermediate (2-days)

Objectives: After completing this course, you will know how to: Navigate large worksheets effectively by using magnification, frozen panes, and split panes; and control the printing of large worksheets. Navigate, manage, and print multiple worksheets; link workbooks by using 3-D formulas; and summarise data by using the Consolidate command. Change the View, General, and Calculation settings of Excel; and customise toolbars and menus. Add borders and shading; apply special formats; create, apply, and modify styles; and change the orientation of cells. Sort lists by columns; and filter lists based on complex criteria. Format data points; create combination charts and trend lines; and add and format graphic elements. Embed and link objects in a worksheet; and allow several users to work with the same data by sharing, merging, and tracking changes. Use auditing features; add comments and text boxes; and protect a worksheet or part of a worksheet. Use the VLOOKUP function to find a value in a worksheet list; use the MATCH function to find the relative position of a value in a range; use the INDEX function to find the value of a cell at a given position within a range. Use IF functions to determine an outcome based on criteria.

Prerequisites: This course is designed for students who have completed the Excel 2003 Fundamentals course or have equivalent knowledge. It is not suitable as an introduction for people who have little or no experience with this software.

Course Content:
Working with Large Worksheets
Viewing Options
Hiding and Displaying Data
Printing Large Worksheets
Working with Multiple Worksheets
Using Multiple Worksheets
Linking Worksheets by Using 3-D Formulas
Managing Workbooks
Data Consolidation
Linking across Applications
Sumif and Countif
Round and Integer
Lookups and Named Ranges
Logical Statements
And & Or
Index and Match
Subtotal Function
Is Functions
Text and Date
Advanced Charting
Chart Formatting Options
Creating Combination Charts
Using Graphic Elements
List Management
Introducing Lists
Sorting and Filtering Lists
Advanced Filtering
Custom Lists
Text to Columns
Custom Views
Advanced Formatting
Borders and Shading
Using Special Number Formats
Working with Dates
Working with Styles
Conditional Formatting
Other Advanced Formatting
Notation and Auditing
Comments and Text Boxes
Auditing Features
Data Validation
Workgroup Collaboration
Customising Excel
Changing Options
Customising Toolbars and Menu

Guide Price: 495 per person (public course)

Delivery: Distance
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