Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Development

Course duration: 2 days.

This course is highly interactive, practical and yet supportive. It uses many different forms of learning to develop assertiveness skills and lift self-confidence.

This course provides practical guidance for anyone who needs to develop their assertiveness skills for a range of workplace situations. You will gain the tools and techniques to boost your confidence and build your self-esteem. At the end of this course, you will leave with a Personal Action Plan identifying the key changes needed to be made, the skills to practice in order to build your self esteem, build your self-confidence and improve your assertiveness techniques.

Is it right for me?
If you want to improve your overall effectiveness and increase your confidence and self-esteem then this course will give you the guidance you need.

What will I learn?
By the end of this course you will be able to:

Develop an understanding of your behaviour style.
Identify and challenge your negative inner dialogue.
Understand the importance of language and body language to assertiveness.
Handle challenging situations and people confidently and assertively.
Deal with criticism, confrontation, low self-esteem and negativity effectively.
Plan your personal strategy for developing assertive behaviour.
Pre-course Activity
You will be sent an activity to complete which asks you to keep a ‘behaviour log’ in the period leading up to the course. This will help to set the context of the course and will be used on the day as part of the course activities.

What will it cover?
Developing an Understanding of Behaviour

Understand why people behave the way they do
Assertiveness at work - understanding human behaviour
An introduction to the principles of assertiveness
Recognise the Link Between Assertiveness, Confidence and Self-esteem

Distinguishing between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
Self-assessment of your style - the associated strengths and weaknesses
Recognising your own style and behaviours
Handle Challenging Situations and People Confidently and Assertively

Tackling barriers to assertiveness
Recognising and dealing with fear and apprehension
Confronting individual challenges which occur in the workplace
Deal with Criticism, Confrontation, Low Self-esteem and Negativity Effectively and Positively

Moving from negative to positive ways of thinking - building your self esteem
Building your self-esteem using positive affirmations
How self-esteem affects confidence and influences behaviour - challenging your negative inner dialogue
Understand the Importance of Language and Body Language to Assertiveness

Taking control through positive body language
Using assertive and positive language - making your message clear
Giving and receiving constructive feedback
Planning Your Personal Strategy for Dealing with Assertive Behaviour

Developing a Personal Application Plan for using the robust tools and techniques learned from the course
Janine Ronnie, Fund Controller

Gartmore Investment Management Plc

Every part of the course was of benefit to me, with a number of areas directly having a positive impact on my job performance.

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Delivery: Classroom
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