SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Training Course

What topics are covered by the course?

1. How Search Engines Work
Crawling & Indexing
Providing Answers Based on Relevance and Importance
Search Engine Ranking Factors
Local Search Ranking Factors
Google’s Recommendations
Bing’s Guidelines
2. How Important is SEO?
The Importance of SEO
The Limits of Search Engine Technology
Case Studies of Failed/Poor SEO Implementation
3. Planning Your SEO Campaign
Setting and measuring your SEO goals and objectives
Competitor Benchmarking Tools & Techniques
Keyword Research + Tools
Visitor Intent: The Psychology of User Search Behaviour
User Experience/Usability
Content Strategy
Using Paid Search to Improve Website Quality Score
Optimise Your Website for Mobile Search
4. SEO-Friendly Web Design and Development
On-Page Optimisation
URL Best Practices
Indexable Content
Crawlable Internal Link Structure & Breadcrumbs
"nofollow" Links
Duplicate Content, Redirects and Canonical Links
HTML & XML Sitemaps
5. Popularity: Link-Building and Social Media Sharing
Link Signals
Link-Building Strategies
Social Signals in Search Results
The Impact of Google+
6. SEO Tools & Services
Google’s Webmaster Tools
Bing’s Webmaster Centre
Moz’s Open Site Explorer
Google & Bing’s Metrics Tools
7. SEO Myths and Misconceptions
Metatags and Keyword Density
Effects of Paid Search on Organic Rankings
Anti-Spam Measures
8. Google’s Updates and Penalties
Overview of Google’s Update History
Black Hat vs White Hat SEO and Google’s Anti-Spam Measures
Link Auditing
Getting Penalties Lifted
9. Measuring and Tracking Your SEO Success
Key Performance Indicators and How to Choose Them
Paid & Free Analytics Software
Running an SEO Audit
Google’s (not provided) Keywords
A/B and Multivariate Testing for Conversion Rate Optimisation
Interpreting Your Data
10. The Future of SEO
Providing Searchers with the Best Possible Results
Search Context
Mobile Search
Social Search
Human Search
Predictive Search
Cornerstone Content and Internal Linking
Answer Questions in Full
11. Useful Resources and Bonus Materials
SEO Handbook
On-Page SEO Template
SEO Cheat Sheet

Who should attend?

Knowledge of HTML and website file structure (i.e. the files and folders that a website is comprised of) is required.

What will I be able to do on completion?

The students will learn wide range of topics, including SEO strategy, optimising your content and code, measuring your SEO success and avoiding common SEO pitfalls. We also look at the future of SEO, to make sure that all of our students are equipped with knowledge that helps them deal with the continual and rapid changes of this sphere.

How will I be assessed?

Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Course Instructor
The course instructor is a freelance web designer and conversion rate optimiser who has used effective content marketing and SEO techniques to help her clients rank highly on Google for over four years.

Guide Price: £ 180

Delivery: Classroom
Category: SEO Training »
Duration: 10 Hours
Qualification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

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This course is conducted at:

  • London Academy of IT

    London Academy of IT

    Unit 17 (Ground Floor)
    Boardman House
    64 Broadway

    E15 1NT