Safe Breakaway Techniques with Safe Holds and Escorts while Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

What topics are covered by the course?

- Recognising challenging behaviour.
- Identify types of challenging behaviour.
- Identify the causes of challenging behaviour.
- Understanding the assault cycle.
- To reflect on students experiences.
- Increase confidence and understanding of challenging behaviour.
- Understand what is meant by ‘reasonable force’.
- Harmful contact prevention.
- Understanding threatening and non-threatening techniques.
- To develop breakaway techniques.
- Demonstrate effective release techniques from: Wrist grabs, hair pulls, strangulation, arm grabs, throat and clothing grabs.

Who should attend?

Anybody who is contact with adults with learning difficulties, autism, elderly with or without dementia or anyone who has challenging behaviour tendencies.

What will I be able to do on completion?

By the end of the course, learners should be able to:
- Describe the legislation relating to the management of individuals exhibiting challenging behaviour.
- Understand the triggers and early management strategies of potentially challenging behaviour.
- Have an overview of dementia and understand the principles of the personal-centred model of care.
- Have an overview of what is meant by learning disabilities.
- Demonstrate an understanding regarding the importance of, and be competent in, effective de-escalation skills when dealing with potentially challenging clients/residents.
- Demonstrate an understanding of, and skills needed for prevention and intervention when working with challenging behaviour including the use of low-arousal approach.
- Discuss the advantages of utilising effective and safe breakaway techniques.
- Demonstrate the ability to undertake a range of breakaway techniques designed to help defuse potentially challenging situations.
- Discuss the good practise issues around escorts and safe holds and to demonstrate the ability to undertake a range of effective and safe escorts and safe holds, if applicable.

How will I be assessed?

Theory examination and practical assessment on Day 2

Open classrooms available in the following areas;

Bespoke in-house available across England and Wales

Guide Price: Open classroom from £230 per person or Bespoke tailored for individual clients

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Health & Medical »
Duration: 2 days full course or 1 day breakaway techniques and delivery of safe holds
Qualification: Understanding and Managing Behaviour that Challenges and Application of Safe Breakaway Techniques

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