"Canofixer Course': Professional, Unique, Business Canopy Builder Course

What topics are covered by the course?

- Learning professionally, how to install the unique 'Clever by Design' Canofix canopy in Industrial, commercial and residential buildings, application by application.
- Techniques on Roofing, Anchoring, Jointing, Screwing, Cutting/polishing stainless steels.
- DIY house renovation construction solutions
- Become a professional businessman as the "Canofixer"

Who should attend?

- Professional individual builders
- Proprietor in construction contractors
- Entrepreneur in building industry in house extension, commercial and industrial estate builders
- DIY enthusiastic home owner

What will I be able to do on completion?

- Participating the unique Canofix business as a partner
- Official title of "Canofixer", the prestigeous roofing builder
- Full supports in sales promotions and material supplies
- No hidden cost nor risk to share at all
- Individual, Secure Cash Flow in Popular Canofix constructions, Stable Routine Earning Guaranteed. Exclusivity in local areas.

How will I be assessed?

- Full experimental process of accomplishing 'Canofix' on actual construction project site.
- Attending the course work fully.
- Enthusiasm and Passion in Canofix business as a professional builder in this unique and popular solution.

Guide Price: 100GBP

Delivery: Other
Category: Roofing »
Duration: 3 days
Qualification: Official title of Canofixer

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