GF Revolution (Studio Cycling)

What topics are covered by the course?

1. Client contact techniques for a class setting
2. Stimulus and interaction techniques with a group
3. How to breakdown and choreograph your GF Revolution class
4. The role of the GF Instructor
5. Role of Group Studio Cycling in Group Exercise
6. Bio mechanics, Riding Positions, Health and Safety Considerations and Set Up
7. Prepare Equipment for the Group Indoor Cycling Session
8. Assessment Specification Planning, Preparing and Instructing a class
9. Informatively assessed on teaching ability
10. Effective use of music within a Group Indoor Cycling session

Who should attend?

We understand that everyone who comes onto our course have some nerves; and that is fine. We have all types of people on the GF Revolution (Studio Cycling) course from those who have been out of education of many years; to those who are highly education; some that have learning difficulties, many who have never been in a gym before, to those who live in the gym. Most of all, people just like YOU.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Everyone has seen the indoor studio cycling in a gym and it is called many different things. RPM, Spinn or push. It would very unusual to go into a modern gym and not see a form of GF Revolution. Add this to your education and let it make a difference

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on how preform some exercises from the Manual to your class mates on the day.

Guide Price: 220

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Sport & Recreation »
Duration: Two Days
Qualification: GF Revolution (Studio Cycling) qualification

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