Leap2 - Practical Sales Skills - Two Day Training

What topics are covered by the course?

• Introduction, the 80:20 Rule - Why 20% of salespeople produce 80% of the business
• The Perfect Salesperson - What makes a perfect salesperson and how do the participants individually compare? An exercise which helps the participants appreciate that they need to develop further
• Goal Setting - Why and how to set personal performance goals. Followed by an exercise on setting these goals
• Build Trust - Developing trust and rapport with a prospect and understanding why this is crucial to their success.
• Ask the Right Questions - Developing questioning skills and realising that it is often questions that will develop sales rather than a just a good pitch. With example questions
• Engage the Customer - Understanding the life time value of a customer, serving them better and ensuring they perceive the value of the relationship
• Be Specific - Adapting their approach to suit the individual customer with an activity related to identifying the specific benefits to the customer
• Make Your Customer Smarter - Realising that customers are now more willing to be educated on products and services and often have already researched prior to the sales conversation. How to deal with this with regards the participants specific products/service
• Maximise Your Efficiency - Learning from missed sales and developing further skills to overcome this
• Catch Yourself Doing it Right - You can learn from good stuff too!
• Know Your Products - An in-depth look at specific products and how to educate themselves in order to maximise sales through product knowledge
• Develop a Competitive Advantage - A series of questions that will put the participants one step ahead of the competition
• Handle Objections - Identifying typical objections and preparing responses to them in order to practice until they are welcomed with open arms. Also includes set techniques to overcome objections
• Ask for the Business - Ensuring the participants can spot buying signals and know how to respond to them in order to lead the prospect to close. Specific advice on closing questions
• Follow Up After the Sale - Ensuring that the complete sales process is seamless and the participants understand their responsibilities with regard to creating an exceptional customer experience
• Apply the Skills in Your Role - A session on ensuring the learning from the session is practically applied in the participant’s role.

Who should attend?

Anyone should attend who wants to advance their sale skills and further their understanding of sales. The core aim of these sales skills training course materials is to provide your participants with a set of tools that can be practicably used in their role as salespeople.

What will I be able to do on completion?

At the end of this, sales skills training course you will be able to:
• Explain what sets the best salespeople apart
• Follow set personal goals to sales success
• Use a series of practical sales skills to increase their selling potential
• Practically apply these skills to their sales role

How will I be assessed?

This is a workshop and they will have tasks to complete throughout the day as well as analysing case studies and also demonstrating their new skills in the safe environment of the course at the end.

Guide Price: £495

Castle Donington
Delivery: Classroom
Category: Sales Training »
Duration: 16 Hours (Day 1 09.00 - 17.00, Day 2 09.00 - 17.00)
Qualification: Certificate of Attendance

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