Football Communication & Social Media Online Course

What topics are covered by the course?

The Football Communication & Social Media Online Program consists of the following modules:

Module 1 - The digital revolution in the football industry how football clubs are embracing new ways of engaging with consumers

Module 2 The power and influence of social media in emerging football markets reaching a new fan base beyond your borders

Module 3 Athletes and social media as a communication tool - best practices to communicate and market personal image of football players through social media properties

Module 4 New media strategy at governing bodies and major international tournaments building a strong social media presence at international events and competitions

Module 5 Fan Engagement through new media the revolution of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the football industry

Module 6 Creating web content that sells and engages how football clubs sell through various new media outlets to different markets in the digital era

Module 7 Sports journalism in the digital era blogging, website reporting and digital media

Module 8 Social media and global brands marketing non-sports products through football and social media

*The course is taught 100% in English.

Who should attend?

The program is designed for professionals and recent graduates looking to work in sports communications with a particular focus on digital and social media in the football industry.

We have developed an integral learning system consisting of live weekly web conferences with industry professionals and like-minded peers, complemented with an interactive online platform designed to develop the skills required to work in the sports digital media sector.

Our e-learning platform consists of football specific case studies, practical course work and a dynamic learning environment with students from across the globe.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Students will have the opportunity to network with top football executives and enhance their possibilities of starting or advancing their career in the following areas:

Media Relations Officer at football clubs and federations

Public Relations and corporate communications roles in sport

Community Managers and Digital media platform managers in football

Corporate marketing and sports blogging

Sports journalism in all its branches: television, radio, internet and newsprint

How will I be assessed?

The course methodology combines live weekly web conferences with industry professionals and an integral online campus that consists of practical readings, football-specific case studies, forums and discussion groups that ensure that the concepts are learned, implemented and evaluated.

The learning methodology consists of:

1. Individual Preparation reading of cases, articles and technical notes from the interactive online platform

2. Group Discussion interactive discussions via email, forums and social networks with classmates

3. Weekly Web Conference session led by industry professional sharing of professional experiences, best practices, lessons learned and conclusions drawn from each session

4. Implementation & evaluation students are evaluated through hands-on assignments and interactive online tests

To download course prospectus visit:

Guide Price: 495 Euros

Delivery: Online
Category: Sport & Recreation »
Duration: 8 weeks
Qualification: Certificate issued by Sports Business Institute Barcelona upon course completion

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