Reinvention University

What topics are covered by the course?

Lesson 1: Your Current Situation: Who am I - Where am I - What am I - Why am I?
Lesson 2: Your Future - Live By Design, Not By Default: Where do you want go and why? How will you get there?
Lesson 3: What do I need for this journey? My vehicle for reinvention!
Lesson 4: What obstacles will I encounter and how can I overcome them?
Lesson 5: Love yourself
Lesson 6: Find your place of passion, purpose and cause.
Lesson 7: Reinvent your life knowing your why
Lesson 8: Be definite about your destination
Lesson 9: Create your map the action steps to get you there
Lesson 10: Take Massive Action
Lesson 11: Review your progress - READING THE ROAD SIGNS PROPERLY
Lesson 12: Be determined never give up

Who should attend?

Anybody who needs a helping hand to reinvent themselves.

What will I be able to do on completion?

The students will be able to identify their talents and passions.

How will I be assessed?

Ongoing assessment will be provided through homework activities. Participation and interaction will also be taken into account.

This course is designed by a life coach who runs a successful blog called Healthy Lifestyles Living. The owner of the blog is Larry Lewis. he is determined to make a difference by providing his years of experience and expertise to help people change their lives.

Guide Price: Free

Delivery: Online
Category: Vocational Training »
Duration: 12 weeks
Qualification: Reinvention Certificate

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