Freestyle Football Coaches Course

What topics are covered by the course?

General information and overview about the Keep Up Freestyle Ball Control (FBC) Academy and how to become a Keep Up FBC Academy Coach and run your own Academy business.
Keep Up FBC Academy practical coaching/learning modules that coaches are required to complete and be assessed to be competent to run their own Keep Up Freestyle Academy.
Practical Aspects of running a Keep Up FBC Academy business.

Who should attend?

To be eligible to attend the course, Coaches are required to be over 18.
To be eligible to manage an Academy, Coaches will be required to complete and pass a written and practical assessment, have a current DBS and emergency first aid certificate. Coaches will also be required to take out personal and public liability insurance cover.

What will I be able to do on completion?

The Keep Up FBC Academy Coaches course is structured to train coaches how to coach Keep Ups and Freestyle Ball Control sessions to 8-14 year olds. The skill levels required range from basic ball control skills(Tyro) to moderate ball control skills (Maverick). The courses are designed to include home study, home practice, practical on course coaching, home based, course and video ability assessments.
Attendees will learn how to manage a Keep Up FBC Academy as a lifestyle business.

How will I be assessed?

Keep Up FBC Academy coaches are required to complete a practical assessment of the skills that are covered in the different Freestyle Code levels. When a coach has achieved a Freestyle Code Silver level award, they are given a Coaching accreditation for that level.
Coaches are also required to pass a home based theory test.

Guide Price: 209.00

Delivery: Other
Category: Sport & Recreation »
Duration: 2 days
Qualification: Keep Up FBC Academy Coaching qualification

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