Self Sufficiency I

Ten lessons develop your understanding of self sufficiency, food and nutrition, and making the right decisions about changes in lifestyle; as well as showing you how to do a whole range of practical things such as mud brick building, making crafts, growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, and other crops; raising poultry, sheep & goats, extending the life of clothing, conserving energy, recycling, simple home medical care and first aid, and lots more.


The content of each of the ten lessons is as outlined below:‑

1. Introduction

2. Health, Nutrition and Clothing

3. Horticulture ‑ Fruit and Vegetables

4. Horticulture ‑ Herbs

5. Animal Husbandry ‑ Poultry and Bees

6. Animal Husbandry ‑ Grazing Animals and Pigs

7. Building

8. Energy

9. Craft and Country Skills

10. Making Decisions

Course Duration: 100 hours

Guide Price: poa

Delivery: Distance
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