Chairing Meetings

What topics are covered by the course?

The current outline for the chairing meetings course enables you to:
Decide whether a meeting is the best answer to the problem
Decide whom to invite to the meeting
Gather information and plan the format of the meeting
Set a well-structured agenda for meeting
Set clear objectives for each item in the meeting planning
Liaise closely with the minutes secretary during the meeting
Exercise effective time management during the meeting
Lead, facilitate and summarise as required
Identify and clarify the decisions of the meeting
Handle challenging people and keep order at the meeting whilst chairing meetings
Be aware of group behaviour and the importance of non-verbal communication
Ensure that all the follow-up actions are carried out
Evaluate the meeting and suggest improvements

Who should attend?

Organisations that require delegates to perfect and maintain a high level of interaction and attention during meetings big and small

What will I be able to do on completion?

During this interactive, linked and practical chairing meetings course, you will cover:
Welcome introductions and housekeeping points
Workshop aims, objectives and agenda
Aims of meetings: Is your meeting really necessary?
Types of meeting
Gathering information and planning the meeting
Setting the agenda and setting objectives
At the meeting Leading and facilitating; liaising with the minutes secretary; time management; summarising; identifying and clarifying the decisions; carrying out post-meeting actions
Group behaviour and non-verbal communication
Practical exercise on running a meeting; each participant takes a turn at chairing the meeting
Debrief of practical exercise
Evaluating the meeting and suggesting improvements
Workshop summary and evaluation:
Resolution of any difficulties
Personal action plans

How will I be assessed?

No formal testing is applied

Guide Price: 875.00 + VAT (up to 12 people)

Delivery: In house
Category: Personal Development »
Duration: 1 day

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