Oracle Java Associate SE 7 Certified Programmer

What topics are covered by the course?

Due to the nature of the exam, the topics below are covered in great detail and discussions include logical reasoning as to what is deemed good practise and what is not.
 Domain modelling exercise – a preparatory team building exercise
 Classes, enums, methods and flow control
 API and parsing:
 Reading, creating and writing to files
 Inheritance and interfaces
 Object orientated concepts - polymorphism, encapsulation, loose coupling, tight cohesion
 The Java “Object” and it’s methods
 Overriding and overloading
 Collections and generics - set, map, list, tree, queue and stack data structures
 Memory management, regex, format strings and garbage collection - short introduction to stack and heap
 Search, sort, compare, basic sorting algorithms and natural ordering
 Handling exceptions - large group discussion on the ten exceptions in detail, try/catch/finally correct usage
 Concurrency
 80 – 100 hours practical work including a group project covering other technologies including SQL and JUnit.
 Revision and exam practice

Who should attend?

Those who are looking for a rewarding learning experience while extending their programming skills and gaining a respected industry accreditation.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Gain a deep understanding of Java through practical experience in best practise Object Oriented Programming and Test Driven Development.

How will I be assessed?

Assessments throughout the course by the trainer, and completion of the accreditation voucher.

Course Details
• The course will run over 7 weekends starting at 9am on Saturdays and Sundays and ending at 5.30pm
• The training is delivered by a NETbuilder consultant who specialises in Oracle SOA 11g.
• At the end of training you will receive an accreditation voucher which can be used to sit the official Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner Accreditation.
• The course is hugely cost-effective at a truly low price of £100 per day (£1000 for the complete 10 day course) including VAT!

Guide Price: £100 per day - £1000 for complete 10 day course

Delivery: Classroom
Category: IT & Computer »
Duration: Weekends only starting from the Saturday 11th May 2013 until Sunday 9th June 2013
Qualification: Oracle Java Associate SE 7 Certified Programmer

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