Basic cell culture hands-on course

What topics are covered by the course?

Basic cell culture hands-on course offers a good opportunity to be familiar with and get practice of doing steril work with a cell line in a biosafety cabinet. The different tools like pipettes, pipettors, stirrers, centrifuges, microscopes, hemocytometer and the use of them will be introduced to the trainees. They will get a practice of tawing frozened cells from liquid nitrogen, preparation of the cell for culturing in a cell culture medium. Cell counting with hemocytometer and doing viability test with BD ViCell equipment is also a part of the program. The trainees will have the opportunity to make cell passage and froze down cell aliquots in liquid nitrogen by their own hands. The course is 3-day long. If a trainee is going to spend more days with practicing cell culturing LabMagister’s staff is ready to serve this need for an extra fee.

Who should attend?

Any people who has BSc, MSc or PhD on Life Sciences.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Rules of steril work; self protection; biosafety cabinet; use of pipettes and pipettors; rules of dilutions; cell frozing; cell passage; introduction of hemocytometer; cell dilution; use of laboratory centrifuge;viability test; keeping clean the workstation;safety instructions.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment an ongoing process throughout the course.

The trainees will be familiar with doing steril cell culture work in a biosafety cabinet. This knowlegde and practice can be applicable for any other cell culture work. The introduction of different pipettes, pipettors, microscopes, hemocytometer, handling disposals, keeping clean the workstation helps the trainees in doing other lab works than cell culturing too.

Guide Price: 1250 €

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Biology »
Duration: 3 days
Qualification: no

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