Microdermabrasion Diploma Course - 1 day - London Beauty Institute

What topics are covered by the course?

The Microdermabrasion Diploma course at the London Beauty Institute in Covent Garden is an intensive 1 day training course using the award winning Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion machine. In small groups of up to five you will practice on live models provided by us.

This course is an introduction to microdermabrasion and will teach you how to give an exfoliating microdermabrasion facial which can be used to treat a number of skin problems.

The technique is used to:

 Remove and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

 Decrease the appearance of hyper pigmentation (dark areas of the skin also known as sun spots)

 Reduce shallow acne, or similar scar, tissue

 Rejuvenates the skin promoting new cell growth, stimulating collagen production and restoring a natural glow to the skin

You can also have the treatment applied to the face, neck, chest, back, feet and hands.

Course outline is as follows;


• How microdermabrasion works

• Benefits of a microdermabrasion facial

• Anatomy and physiology of the skin

• Skin analysis and tailoring this treatment

• Physiological effects of microdermabrasion

• Contra-indications & contra-actions


• Techniques for performing microdermabrasion

• Microdermabrasion demonstration

• Post microdermabrasion skin care

• Hands-on practice with live models

• After cleanse

• Facial mask

Your potential client base for this miraculous treatment will include:

• Client with fine lines and wrinkles

• Acne scarred clients

• Reduction of scar tissue lesion and scar formation

• sun damaged skin

• Clients with pigmentation problems

• Removal of stretch marks

• Seborrhoea

• Blackheads and white heads

You will also receive:

1. An extensive training manual to take away

2. Full certification on successful completion of course

3. Client charging information

Who should attend?

A pre-requisite for this course is to have already completed facials successfully and to have experience in giving facials.

This course is perfect for you if you are already in the beauty industry and want to add this treatment to your service offering. In particular if you have a client base that is aged 25 and over when offering the service of microdermabrasion facial treatments is a very lucrative income stream to have.

What will I be able to do on completion?

On sucessful completion of this course you will be certified to carry out a microdermabrasion facial on clients on a professional basis.

How will I be assessed?

You will have practical, on site assessments with the use of live models.

We have an excellent first time pass rate which is over 95% for our fast track courses. However we have a Risk Free Guarantee on all of our fast track courses: if you do not pass your course first time you will be given the opportunity to retake the course again COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

This is available for a full 6 months after the start of your course.

A micro dermabrasion facial is a hugely popular and effective non-invasive cosmetic technique that removes the top layer of dull aging skin cells from the surface of the face by mechanically exfoliating the skin to reveal the newer more vibrant skin that lies beneath.

The treatment is often an ongoing process and does require a course of treatment to maximise its effectiveness. If you operate in an area where potential clients are 50 or over, and they have a reasonable amount of disposable income, then this skill is absolutely essential in order to provide them with a service that they will be undoubtedly presently obtaining from your competitors.

The treatment is a popular choice for those who wish to gain employment within a spa environment where natural therapies are paramount, and the service is offered by most quality salons UK wide and internationally where there is an ongoing demand for therapists trained in this treatment.

The procedure is simple and painless, and as effective as both surgical techniques such as laser skin resurfacing and dermal abrasion, and chemical peels, hence it’s enormous popularity. It is also chosen over surgical procedures due to that fact that there is no recovery or down time required with the treatment and so the client can get back to their daily routine immediately after treatment. It is because of this that it is known as the ‘lunchtime procedure’.

Here at the London Beauty Institute we pride ourselves on our unique way of teaching beauty therapy courses.

We offer flexible short intensive courses for those who wish to learn cutting edge beauty techniques within a small group (our groups have a maximum of only 5), and for those who need to learn within a short space of time.

Our London Beauty Institute Guarantee provides the following:

1. We teach you in groups of no more than 5
2. Full certification upon successful completion of your course
3. We provide full suppliers lists with each course
4. If you do not pass the course you can retake it, completely free of charge
5. Live Models provided by us on which to practice
6. An adult environment in which to learn

Features of our courses are as follows, and please visit our website for further details;

Fast Track Courses
Small Groups (5 max)
Live Models
Frequent Course Dates
Accessible City Centre Locations
Free Kits
Insurable Qualifications
Business & Marketing Modules
No Risk Guarantee

Guide Price: £445

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Facials and Facial Massage »
Duration: 1 day
Qualification: LBI Diploma Certification - fully insurable & nationally recognised

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