Online Adobe InDesign CS5

What topics are covered by the course?

The online package will develop your knowledge from basic to advanced.

InDesign Basic

Unit 1: Getting started - The Adobe InDesign environment, Preferences and defaults, InDesign Help

Unit 2: Basic documents - New documents, Text frames, Graphics frames, Custom colors

Unit 3: Guides and master pages - Object positioning, Master pages

Unit 4: Typesetting - Text frame threading, Paragraph formatting, Styles

Unit 5: Modifying items - Text frame options, Graphics, Grouped items, Layers

Unit 6: Finalizing documents - Printing and exporting documents, Preparing for commercial printing

InDesign Advanced

Unit 1: Efficient layout - Document setup, Tint and gradient swatches, Object libraries and snippets, Item spacing

Unit 2: Vector paths - Creating vector paths, Vector paths and pictures, Vector paths and type

Unit 3: Typography - Manual type resizing, Automated styles, Graphics in typography, Precise leading control, Composition, hyphenation, and justification, Horizontal spacing

Unit 4: Graphics - Layer comps, Transparency, Object styles, Transforming objects

Unit 5: Tables - Creating tables, Changing table structure, Formatting tables

Unit 6: Text editing - The Story Editor, The CS Review panel, Special characters, Column, frame, and page breaks

Unit 7: Long documents Sections, Tables of contents, Indexes and cross-references, Books, Footnotes

InDesign Production

Unit 1: Efficient document setup - Document presets, Placeholders and templates, Conditional text, Data merge

Unit 2: Working with colour - Colour management, Individual image profiles, Colour printing basics, Process and spot colours, Mixed inks, Colorizing

Unit 3: Preventing printing problems - The Links panel, Potential printing problems

Unit 4: Print settings - Print presets for composite proofs, Print presets for colour separations

Unit 5: Electronic distribution Interactivity, Multimedia, XHTML

Unit 6: XML - Exporting documents as XML files, Importing XML files

Who should attend?

Individuals looking to produce own materials using Adobe software.

What will I be able to do on completion?

The student will reach an advanced level of knowledge having completed all modules.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be provided with materials enabling them to prepare for an accredited exma should they wish.

Our online course package will enable you to study from beginner to advanced. Once enrolled you will be able to login to our interact platform. You will receive an e-book and video based training across all units, enabling you to make notes and highlight key sections of the material. The videos are simplistic and easy to follow. More importantly for your practical learning experience there are embedded simulations to undertake. You are able to complete the simulations even if you do not yet have the Adobe CS5 software installed. The simulations replicate the software interface allowing you full control of the software to complete the given tasks.

Guide Price: 200

Delivery: Online
Category: Adobe InDesign »
Duration: 12 Months

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