Phlebotomy and Cannulation Training

What topics are covered by the course?

Theory and Dry Lab Experience in Phlebotomy

Basics of Phlebotomy Including Anatomy

The Methods of Blood Collection

Post-Puncture Care

Different Sample Tubes and Labelling Protocols

Controlling Biohazardous Materials

Health & Safety- Needle Injury

Infection Control

Medical Waste and Sharps

Practice on Mannequins

Class Exercises

Who should attend?

Our course is tailored for all medical professionals interested in acquiring or wanting to improve phlebotomy and cannulation skills, such as: nurses, doctors, health care assistants, laboratory technicians, other health care professionals from NHS or non-NHS and anyone who is interested in enrich their career in phlebotomy.

What will I be able to do on completion?

Our phlebotomy training enhances staff self confidence while performing venupuncture and cannulation at work. At the same time it enriches candidates with new skills increasing their job opportunities in hospitals, laboratories, clinics or research institutes.

How will I be assessed?

Class exercises and a questionnaire at the end of the training

The course can be delivered in other locations such as: Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, Sheffield.

Guide Price: 142.99 (no extra cost)

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Phlebotomy »
Duration: 8 hours

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