Calligraphy Diploma

A Distance Learning Course of 15 Lessons.
Course Description:

This course offers you an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of the beautiful art of calligraphy writing. In calligraphy elegant penmanship with decoration and design is of primary importance.

The calligraphy course is written so that even the most inexperienced person can understand it easily. It enables anyone to start from the very beginning and progress through to proficient penmanship with the help and guidance of your personal College Tutor.

Course Syllabus:

Getting Started,

Foundational Hand I - Starting Minuscules,

Foundational Hand II - Continuing Minuscules,

Foundational Hand III - Numerals and Skeletal Capitals,

Foundational Hand IV - Majuscules,


Gothic Hand I - Minuscules,

Gothic Hand II - Majuscules,

Gothic Hand III - Variations & Layout,

Uncial Hand I - Uncial Alphabet,

Uncial Hand II - Project in Uncial,

Borders & Decoration,


Invitations and Posters,

Greeting Cards.

Payment plans are available on request.

Guide Price: 260.00

Delivery: Distance
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