Safe Handling of Medicines ASET Level 2

A Distance Learning Course of 14 Lessons.
Course Description:

This programme is designed for all health care staff whose duties may bring them into contact with medication. It would benefit all those seeking clear guidelines and advice regarding the various elements of safe administration of medicines.

The aim of this distance learning programme is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of working with medicines. On completion of the programme an individual will be familiar with the correct procedures for the administering, handling and disposal of medicines.

Course Syllabus:

Ordering of Medicines -

Prescriptions / Supply / Verbal orders.

Storage of Medicines -

General considerations / Mobile storage / Cold storage.

Administration of Medicines -

Self-Administration of Medicines -

Labeling / Service user education / Medicine compliance devices.

Homely Remedies -

How Oral Medicines Work -

Refusal of Medicines -

Controlled Drugs -

Storage of controlled drugs / Temazepam /Oramorph / Controlled drug register /Administration of controlled drugs / Disposal of controlled drugs.

Common Side Effects from Medicines in the Older Service User -

Hypnotics and sedatives / Neuroleptics / Antidepressants /Digoxin / Diuretics / Anti-inflammatory medicines / Anti-hypertensivenes / Analgesics.

Errors Associated with the Administration of Medicine -

Oxygen Therapy in a Care Home -

Nasal cannulae / Oxygen mask /Oxygen concentrators.

Disposal of Medicines -

Safe disposal.


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Guide Price: 205.00; inc ASET registration and tutorial support

Delivery: Distance
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