ASQ Certified "Certified Quality Engineer - Preparation Course

What topics are covered by the course?

The ASQ BOK 'Body of knowledge' for Quality Engineers
Certification Overview
Certified Quality Engineer Exam
ASQ Code of Ethics Metrology / Calibration
Units of Measurement
SI System Units
Measuring Instruments
Measurement Terminology
Repeatability and Reproducibility
Metrology Summary
Calibration Standards
Geometric Dimensioning
Metrology Terms
Fundamental Statistical methods
Basic Statistics
Mathematical Definitions
Four levels of Measurement
Data Collection
Pareto Diagrams
Scatter Diagrams
Central Tendency
Measures of Dispersion
Process Capability
Z Values
Central Limit Theorem
Control Charts
Variable Charts
Control Chart Interpretaion
Runs Test
Subgrouping Variability
The Pre-control Technique
Attribute Charts
The Additive law
The Multiplicative Law
Probability Distributions Normal (Gaussian)
Exponential / Weibull
Poisson / Binominal

Reliability / maintainability
Designing for Reliability
Series and parallel reliability
Life-History Curve
Failures Rate / MTBF
Exponential Distribution
Weibull Distribution
Maintainability / Availability
Failure recurrence Control
Reliability terms
Product Safety and Liability

Human Resources
Motivational History
Applied Quality motivation
Quality Training
Quality Teams
Quality management Concepts
Quality Introduction
The Quality Vision
Steps for Achieving Quality
Quality Terms and Definitions
The Quality Organization
Quality Documentation
ISO 9000 / Q9000 Standards
Major Quality Considerations
Malcolm Baldrige Award
Design Review
Customer Relations
Project management
Quality Sensei
Quality Improvement Tools
Quality Information Systems
Sampling Principles
Sampling Terms
Operation Characteristic Curve
Average Outgoing Quality Limit
Types of Sampling Plans
Sampling Plan Summaries

Inspection / testing methods
Inspection Decisions
Types of Inspection
Inspection Planning
Seriousness Classification
Corrective Action
Inspection Errors
Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Quality Costs

Traditional Cost Concept
Three Levels of Product Costs
Quality Cost Reporting
Prevention / Appraisal Cost
Internal / External costs
Quality Cost History
Taguchiís Loss Function Quality Audit Concepts
Purpose and benefits
Types of Audits
Specific Objective Audits
General Audit matrix
System Audit Matrix
Audit Responsibilities
Preparing the Audit
Executing the Audit
Audit Report
Glossary of Audit Terms

Who should attend?

Those who are already in the field of Quality and want to obtain an Internationally regognised professional Certification and be recognised by the largest and bigest Quality Orgaisation in the World Today

What will I be able to do on completion?

The Certified Quality Engineer is a professional who understands the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control. This body of knowledge and applied technologies include, but are not limited to, development and operation of quality control systems, application and analysis of testing and inspection procedures, the ability to metrology and statistical methods to diagnose and correct improper quality control practices, an understanding of human factors and motivation, facility with quality cost concepts and techniques, and the knowledge and ability to develop and administer management information systems and to audit quality systems for deficiency identification and correction

How will I be assessed?

An End of Course exam. Or those who qualify for and desire to write the ASQ Certification exam will register and write the ASQ Certification exam.

The course will be 4 hours weekly for 25 weeks = 40 hours ( total cost excluding VAT £150 Per person i.e. £150/20 weeks £7.50 per week.

Guide Price: £150 per person

Delivery: Online
Category: Career Development »
Duration: 2 hours weekly for 25 weeks
Qualification: Preperation for ASQ CQE

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