Covering Letter Writing Service

Covering Letter Writing Service explained: The importance of a covering letter is all too often overlooked. It not only gives an insight into you as a person, it highlights any research you have undertaken about your potential employer and, crucially, how you will benefit that employer. There are many important messages to get across in a covering letter. At Adducology, we like to think of it as a written speech a speech which conveys who you are, what drives you and what makes you tick.

A full analysis of your covering letter by your own personal consultant
An editorial review to improve structure, flow, use of language and content choice
A thorough proofread to correct sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar
A one-to-one consultation to tailor your covering letter to your career needs
That critical, unbiased and insightful second opinion
A fast response time

Guide Price: 69.99

Delivery: Other
Category: Career Development »
Duration: 3 hours
Qualification: none

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