Network Rail PTS DCCR Module - £40.00*

From 1st September 2012, anyone new or those who are carrying out PTS Recertification wishing to work near or adjacent to Conductor Rails must have the new PTS DCCR competency on their Sentinel card. Without it, you will not be allowed to work in the South East of England or in the Liverpool/Merseyside area.

* The cost of the course is usually £70.00 per person, plus Sentinel card (£15.57) and VAT. However, if you attend the module as part of a PTS Initial or PTS Recertification course, the cost is reduced to £40.00 plus VAT (the Sentinel card fee is already included in the Initial or Recertifcation course price).

What is it for:

Any group of staff going to walk or work “On or Near the Line” near to or adjacent DC Conductor Rails must be competent to look after their own safety in relation to 3rd and 4th rail areas. This course provides the information for ensuring a persons own safety while on Network Rail’s Infrastructure near to conductor rails.

Who should attend:

Any person who will be required to undertake work in and around 3rd and 4th rail areas from 1st September 2012 onwards must have this competency on their Sentinel Card. This can be undetaken as a third days training followin a PTS Initial (which will now only include PTS AC) or a second days training following a PTS Recert (which will now only include PTS AC) or as a standalone event.

Those that currently have PTS DC on their Sentinel card, will not have to undertake the training until such time as they reach their PTS DC expiry date.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates will have the skills and knowledge and understand the behaviours required to work safely near or adjacent to DC conductor rails.

They will be able to describe the principles of the DC electified system, identify the main components of the DC system and the hazards and risks associated with working DC conductor rail areas.

What does it contain:

The course content is as follows;
•Electric Power Transmission
•DC Conductor Rail Power Distribution
•Electrical Control Rooms
•DC Conductor Rail Components
•Crossing the Line
•Application of Equipment
•Transiting Tools and Equipment
•Practical Assessment
•Theory Assessment

How is it taught:

Tutor led sessions, using appropriate visual aids.

Theory and practical assessments are included at the end of the course to determine satisfactory competence.

•Confirmation of Sponsorship to attend course
•Valid PTS endorsed Sentinel card or within 8 weeks of expiry (PTS recert must be undertaken first)
•Full Personal Protective Equipment for the practical assessments

Duration: 1day

Guide Price: £40.00 - £70.00 per person

Delivery: Classroom
Category: DCCR »
Duration: 1 day
Qualification: PTS DCCR

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