SAP-Financial Accounting(Controlling-CO)

Course Curriculum:

The course focuses on the most important CO features, and the course is divided into these main subjects:

(a) SAP Overview; (b) CO Organizational Units; (c) Cost Center Accounting / Profit Center Accounting: (CCA & PCA); (d) Product Costing (CO-PC); (e) Product Costing (CO-PC);

(f) Cost Object Accounting; (g) Cost Object Controlling; (h) Sales-Order-Related Production;

(i) Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure; (j) Overhead Cost Orders;

(k) Profitability Analysis; (l) Refined Costing Functions; (m) SAP Solution Manager

Course Contents:

SAP Overview

-Management empowered by mySAP ERP

-Management empowered by mySAP ERP Financials

-SAP Navigation

CO Organizational Units

-Overview of all organizational units in Controlling and Logistics (SD, MM&PP)

Cost Center Accounting / Profit Center AccountingL CCA&PCA)

-Account assignment help

-Accrual calculation

-Adjustment postings


-Direct activity allocation


-Integrated plan allocation cycle

-Introduction to planning in Management Accounting

-Master data cost elements, cost centres, activity types and stat

-Organizational units

-Periodic reposting

-Planning methods in cost center planning

-Profit center assignment

-Profit center master data

-Reconciliation ledger

-Recording primary postings

Product Costing (CO-PC): Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure

- Analyses and error handling


-BOM and task list determination

-Cost component split

-Costing variant

-Create costing run

-Overhead costing sheet

-Price update


Product Costing (CO-PC): Cost Object Accounting: Make-to-Stock Production with Periodic

-Decoupling scenarios

-Period-end closing for periodic Controlling

-Preliminary costing on cost object

-Product cost collector

-Simultaneous costing on cost object

Product Costing (CO-PC): Cost Object Controlling: Make-to-Stock Production with Order Control

-Cost objects with order view

-Period-end closing with order Controlling

-Preliminary costing of cost objects

-Simultaneous costing

Product Costing (CO-PC): Cost Object Controlling: Sales-Order-Related Production

-Delivery and billing documents

-Period-end closed with product cost by sales order

-Preliminary costing of sales order

-Sales order as cost object

-Simultaneous costing of sales order

Product Costing (CO-PC): Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure

-Base object costing and simulation costing

-Material master - fields relevant to costing

-Multiple-level unit costing

-Single-level unit costing

Product Costing (CO-PC): Overhead Cost Orders

-Billing for overhead cost orders

-Budgeting and availability control

-Commitments management

-Master data maintenance

-Overhead rates on overhead cost orders

-Real and statistical orders

-Status management for overhead cost orders

-Transaction-based posting within and outside Management Accounting

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

-Assessment of cost center costs

-Billing for orders

-Characteristic derivation

-Characteristics and value fields

-Structures of Profitability Analysis

-Transaction data tables

-Transfer billing data


Refined Costing Functions

-Transfer control

SAP Solution Manager

-Overview SAP Solution Manager

Guide Price: 1500 (excludes exam fee)

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Finance & Investment »
Duration: 6 WEEKENDS/2 WEEKS
Qualification: SAP Associate Level Certification

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