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The course is for those wanting to upskill to Lookout, so as to provide protection either as Lookouts when Open Line working or Site Wardens when working adjacent to Open Lines dependant on site conditions and circumstances.

This course provides the trainee with the knowledge to be able to act accordingly to the COSS's instructions to maintain group safety.

Only those aged 18 and over, who have been designated as suitable by their Sponsor and who will be required to give warning to others working in the railway environment when a train approaches (Open Line) or when people stray outside of the specified worksite limits (Site Warden Warning) need attend the Lookout Course.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates will be able to carry out the duties of Lookout/Site Warden in accordance with the Rule Book and other relevant railway Group Standards.

What does it contain:

The course content is as follows;
•Duties of the COSS
•Introduction to Lookout/Site Warden Duties
•Lookout/Site Warden's Equipment
•Duties of the Site Warden
•Duties of the Lookout
•Duties of the On Track Plant Lookout
•Lookout Operated Warning Systems (LOWS)
•Protection of the line when it becomes unsafe
•Theory assessment
•Practical/Verbal assessment

How is it taught:

Tutor led sessions, using appropriate visual aids incorporating some practical demonstrations.

Theory and practical assessments are included at the end of the course to determine satisfactory competence.


Delegates will be provided with a Lookout Key Point Card when attending the course.

•Confirmation of Sponsorship to attend course
•Valid Sentinel Card
•Please note that normal colour vision is no longer a requirement

Duration: 1 day

Guide Price: £85.00 plus VAT

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Personal Track Safety PTS »
Duration: 1 day
Qualification: Network Rail Lookout Competency

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